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10 30 Clark (lecture) Pietronero Thurner Biroli Andriani
11 15 Bouchaud Bouchaud Jewett Marsili Marsili
12 00 Bunin Jewett LaPorta Stanley Pilotti
12.45 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
14 30 Clark (computer lab) Bunin Milo Longhi
15 15 Clark (computer lab) Milo Pietronero Andriani excursion
16 00 Coffee and poster presentation coffee break coffee break coffee break
16 30 Thurner Biroli Best poster award
17.15 CSS award
18 00 Selection poster
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Lecture titles:
Pierpaolo Andriani

Affordances, innovation and the expansion of the adjacent possible
Jean-Philippe Bouchaud
Network Models for Economic Crises
Giulio Biroli
Emergent Phenomena in Large Interacting Eco-Systems.
Guy Bunin
Dynamics and hidden order in many-species ecosystems.
James S. Clark
Generalized Joint Attribute Modeling for high-dimensional biodiversity data: modeling and applications to data (Lecture and Computer lab)
Anahid Jewett
Therapeutic use of super-charged NK cells targeting CSCs/undifferentiated pancreatic/oral tumors in humanized BLT mice, and their use in clinical trials
Caterina LaPorta
Giuseppe Longhi
Matteo Marsili
On the importance of being critical for living systems
Ron Milo
The biomass distribution on earth/
Evolving E.coli to turn CO2 into biomass like plants do
Luciano Pietronero
Economic Fitness and Complexity
Luciano Pilotti
Organizations and emotions over selfishness-altruism antinomy
H. Eugene Stanley
Novel Statistical Physics Approaches to Understanding Economic Fluctuations
Stefan Thurner
From Gauss to Zipf: Statistics of complex systems